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Senior Friendly Doors

Creating a safe and comfortable living environment for senior adults is paramount, and the right doors can significantly enhance accessibility and ease of movement within the home. Senior-friendly doors are designed with features that accommodate mobility challenges, ensuring that daily activities are manageable and safe. At HomeJoy Handyman, we specialize in installing and customizing doors that cater to the unique needs of seniors, providing peace of mind and improving quality of life.


Automatic Sliding Doors

These doors open and close automatically with the push of a button or via motion sensors, reducing the need for physical effort.

Features: Ideal for individuals with limited strength or mobility, requires minimal space to operate, and can be customized with safety sensors to prevent accidental closures.

Sliding Door

Sliding/Pocket/Barn Doors

Effortless entry, anyone? Sliding doors open smoothly on tracks, perfect for those with limited hand strength.

Features: They save space, create a more open feel, and eliminate trip hazards. Modern styles add a touch of class to your senior-friendly home. Let HomeJoy Handyman install yours!

Wide Entry door

Wide Entry Doors

Wider than standard doors, these provide ample space for walkers, wheelchairs, or other mobility aids to pass through easily.

Features: Typically measure 36 inches or more in width, can be fitted with low or no thresholds to prevent tripping, and offer a straightforward solution for enhanced accessibility.

Bi-Fold Doors

Foldable doors that collapse to one side, allowing for a wide opening without requiring much swing space.

Features: Great for closets or smaller rooms, easy to operate with minimal effort, and can be installed with bottom tracks for added stability.

HomeJoy Handyman: Your Doorway to a Hassle-Free Upgrade

At HomeJoy Handyman, we understand the importance of accessible living. Our skilled professionals can handle every step of the process, from expert recommendations to seamless installation:

Door Selection Expertise: Our team will assess your needs and recommend the most suitable door type for each space in your home.

Installation Done Right: From measuring to meticulous installation, HomeJoy Handyman ensures your new doors operate flawlessly and enhance your safety.

Peace of Mind: Relax and enjoy the results! We handle everything, leaving you with a home that perfectly complements your active lifestyle.


Don’t let doorways become obstacles.  Contact HomeJoy Handyman today and unlock a world of effortless living!